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Since my blog post I make you see the best retro video games, of course that is my humble opinion. Here are my top 5 retrogaming video games.

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What are retro video games? To know more about them ?

Retrogaming, sometimes francized as retrogaming, is the activity of playing old video games or collecting them. It concerns games released on game consoles, microcomputers, arcade terminals or so-called “electronic” games.

Because of the still brief history of video games, retrogaming is a very popular activity.
recent. Despite the difficulties of definition, video games released during the first four generations of game consoles, i.e. from the 1970s to the mid-1990s, a period when most of the production was in 2d, are generally referred to as “old” video games.

Because of the difficulties in playing old games and the development of the consumer net, the practice of old games has developed on modern PCs through the creation of emulators of old platforms, and the distribution of abandoned games. In order to reach the audience of “nostalgic gamers”, several publishers are releasing successful old games on recent robots in ports or compilations.

Retro-gaming consists basically in burning up for old video games, which are considered retro (we will see later what the barriers to this term are). Let’s note first of all that the Internet has always played a decisive role in the retro-gaming phenomenon, as a communication tool but also to transmit part of the raw material, namely old games, thanks to emulation.

We won’t go back over what emulation is (see the jargon if you don’t really know what it is), but it is important to know that it finds all its legitimacy in the context of retro-gaming. As these lines are written, video game publishers and the press are beginning to take a little interest in retro-gaming, which will also allow it to leave the impersonal and free areas of the Internet.

Retro-gaming is no longer considered a mere nostalgic trend. It is an integral part of the genres that certain prestigious market players consider to be promising. It has therefore become a commercial fact. But before selling retro-gaming, it is important to understand exactly what it is all about, and in all honesty, some marketers have some progress to make on this point.



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